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Provider-Led Innovation in Health and Health Equity

2021-2022 Suite of Innovation Pilots

Amplifying innovation from providers for providers to improve patients' lives 

Region and Practice Type Pilot Aim
Region 3 Multi-Specialty Practice Introduce LCSW into Care Management program
Region 4 Multi-Specialty Practice Integrating LCSW with Pediatric Practice for Behavioral Health Integration
Region 5 Family Medicine Practice Best Practices in Health Equity
Region 5/6 Child and Multi-Specialty Clinic AMH Tier 3 Readiness Support: Read the full case study (PDF).

Innovation Impact

Testimonies from pediatrician survey (Spring 2022)

  • “Having access to someone who can help our patients quicker than we have ever had before.  My patients and their parents are truly benefiting from working with the LCSW.”
  • “Its really nice to have an LCSW just right there in the office and that helps to give early assistance to needy patients.”
  • “She is available in office and can see patients after their appt with provider (convenient for the parent).  She can assess the severity for further referral.  She can follow-up if they need more frequent counseling.”
  • “Has been easier to get help for these patients in a timely manner as there are not too many resources out there in our community and the wait has been long.”

2022-2023 Portfolio of Innovation Pilots

More than doubling our commitment to practice-led innovation.