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Risk Adjustment: Continuity of Care Program

Risk adjustment is a mechanism used in health insurance to account for the overall health and expected medical costs of each individual enrolled in a health plan. For more information view our Risk Adjustment Overview (PDF).

Risk Adjustment Data Cycle 

Continuity of Care Program Resources

We are committed to supporting your efforts to provide the highest quality care to our members. As a result, we are excited to announce that our Continuity of Care (CoC) program will continue in 2024, launching in February.

Risk Adjustment Resources

  • At Carolina Complete Health, we work to improve not only the health of our members, but also the economic and social issues that can act as barriers to proper care. Social factors, including education, social supports, and poverty, can affect a person’s risk factors for premature death and life expectancy. Assessing the impacts of SDoH is essential to the achievement of greater health equity
Page Last Updated: 05/21/2024