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Transportation Services

Carolina Complete Health can arrange and pay for member transportation to and from appointments for Medicaid-covered services. 

How to Get Non-Emergency Transportation: 

Call ModivCare, Carolina Complete Health's transportation provider, up to 30 days before the appointment to arrange for round-trip transportation. There is no limit to the number of trips during the year between medical appointments, healthcare facilities, or pharmacies.

ModivCare Support Numbers:

  • 855-397-3601: Member Reservations
  • 855-397-3604: Provider Transportation Line (Non-Emergency Ambulatory Transportation and other transportation subcontractors)
  • 855-397-3606: Facility Transportation Line (for Dialysis Centers and other facilities with high utilizing members)

How far in advance can Members make reservations?

  • Transportation must be scheduled at least 2 business days before but not more than thirty 30 days before the date of the appointment.
  • Members may schedule recurring “subscription” trips (e.g. for dialysis) 3 months in advance

Urgent Appointments:

  • Urgent trips for covered services may be scheduled with less than 2 days’ notice. Examples include:
    • Sick visits
    • Hospital discharge requests
    • Life-sustaining treatment

A customer service representative will ask for the following information:

  • Member's full name, current address, and phone number
  • Member's Medicaid ID number
  • The date of the appointment
  • The name, address, and phone number of where the member needs to go
  • The name, address, and phone number of the Physician/Provider the member is seeing
  • The medical reason the member needs the ride
  • The type of appointment (for example: doctor/provider visit, lab test, therapy appointment)
  • The type of assistance or mobility aid required for the member

For Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) fact sheets, please see the NEMT page on the County Playbook, available from North Carolina Medicaid Division of Health Benefits.

Page Last Updated: 05/21/2024