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Provider-Led Innovation in Health and Health Equity

2021-2022 Innovation Pilots

Region and Practice TypePilot Aim
Region 3 Multi-Specialty PracticeIntroduce LCSW into Care Management program
Region 4 Multi-Specialty PracticeIntegrating LCSW with Pediatric Practice for Behavioral Health Integration
Region 5 Family Medicine PracticeBest Practices in Health Equity
Region 5/6 Child and Multi-Specialty ClinicAMH Tier 3 Readiness Support: Read the full case study (PDF).

Testimonies from pediatrician survey (Spring 2022)

  • “Having access to someone who can help our patients quicker than we have ever had before.  My patients and their parents are truly benefiting from working with the LCSW.”
  • “Its really nice to have an LCSW just right there in the office and that helps to give early assistance to needy patients.”
  • “She is available in office and can see patients after their appt with provider (convenient for the parent).  She can assess the severity for further referral.  She can follow-up if they need more frequent counseling.”
  • “Has been easier to get help for these patients in a timely manner as there are not too many resources out there in our community and the wait has been long.”

2022-2023 Portfolio of Innovation Pilots

More than doubling our commitment to practice-led innovation.


  • Carolina Complete Health Network partnered with Neighbor Health Center Inc. to serve the needs of the underserved in the Raleigh area. The pilot set out to integrate behavioral health services in the office. Throughout the pilot, Neighbor Health has been able to successfully reach level 4 on the SAMSHA scale of Collaboration/Integration (PDF) which states close collaboration onsite with some system integration and serve an outstanding 472 individuals! Read more about this case study here (PDF).
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