About Us

Carolina Complete Health Network is a new kind of Provider-Led network.  We are a subsidiary of the North Carolina Medical Society and co-founders of a first-of-its-kind partnership with Centene Corporation, the North Carolina Community Health Center Association and other providers across North Carolina.  We offer North Carolina practitioners a platform to improve clinical and administrative processes, as well as a unique voice in governance over medical policy.  We combine the best of leading-edge national expertise with deep-rooted local knowledge of what works here in North Carolina.

In May 2016, Carolina Complete Health Network, Inc. was formed to ensure that physicians treating Medicaid beneficiaries in North Carolina have a physician-led, sustainable mechanism to provide Medicaid managed care services.

Working in partnership with organizations that have demonstrated success in value-based Medicaid services, we will establish, grow, and operate a physician-led network that uses data-driven, outcomes-based models-of-care to serve Medicaid beneficiaries in North Carolina.

  • Carolina Complete Health Network’s mission is to empower physicians and clinicians to provide state-of-the-art care to Medicaid beneficiaries resulting in BETTER HEALTH and GREATER HEALTH EQUITY at LOWER COST.

Through a joint venture with Centene Corporation, we launched Carolina Complete Health, a North Carolina-based insurance company governed by North Carolina physicians, and position it as an ideal healthcare option for Medicaid beneficiaries.